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More fun poker.

Poker was easy these past two days, and I’m definitely grateful for it. I’ve had two easy, winning sessions without getting in any serious trouble at all. Never losing a big pot sure cuts down on the stress of poker!

Unfortunately, I really don’t have any interesting hands to report. In my one big hand of the day we take a flop off 5 handed with QJ offsuit and the flop comes 810A giving me a double gutter. The early position player bet out fairly large, but I flatted him hoping to make a well-disguised hand since we were both deep. The turn was a beautiful offsuit 9 and I got paid off just like I drew it up.

That was the only pot I played bigger than >$200 in the entire 7 hour session on Friday. For those of you familiar with how 2-5 plays, it’s very rare to play a whole session without playing any big pots but I really did. I saw lots of flops and was able to get away cheap when I flopped second-best. I don’t have much interesting to report aside from the fact that it went very well.

hours: 7

Results: +$389

I’ll update this week with a post I’ve been meaning to make on how online poker has been going for me lately, complete with a chat log that you’re sure to find interesting. Until then…