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Quick Update.

I’m ready to finally talk about something other than tipping for once!

To be completely honest, I knew as I was giving my tip that the vast majority of people would think it was too small. I knew as I was writing the blog that I would get a lot of negative feedback on it, and I was right. That’s fine with me, as I’ve explained my point of view numerous times and am comfortable with the decisions I made. It’s perfectly fine of course, for you guys to still disagree with me and I welcome the criticism as well as the kind words from blog readers.

At any rate, I finally made it down to Borgata again late Wednesday night. I’ve been crazy busy with soccer stuff lately, but I made it to the table at 11:30pm to start a quick 3 hour session before bed. In my first orbit I flop two pair and top pair with KQ and get neither pot, so I’m stuck slightly right off the bat.

After an hour or so the older Asian gentlemen in the 7 seat raised to $15 and I flatted on the button with AcQs. Obviously I’m never going to fold, but I honestly think folding is better than 3betting in this spot…that’s how bad I think 3 betting is. At any rate, we take the flop 4 handed, and it is 9c9dQc giving me top pair on a dangerous board. It’s checked around to me and I bet $30 for value. The young Asian woman in the 5 seat calls as does the recreational player (RP) in the 6 seat, the original raiser folds.

At this point, it’s entirely possible (even likely) that one of my opponents is slowplaying with a 9. They could also have weaker queens as well as straight draws and flush draws. The turn comes the Kc, filling all the flush and straight draws, as well as putting an overcard up. On the positive side however, it gives me the nfd to go along with my pair. The 7 seat checks and RP tanks for a while before counting out a bet of $55. Unfortunately for me, his range is really wide here. It is conceivable that he is following through with his slow-played-9 on the flop. He also could certainly have a straight or a flush already based on how he’s played the hand, and it’s difficult for me to tell which. That being said, I have a pretty strong hand, I think I have at least 11 outs (and might have the best hand right now of course), and he’s bet fairly small into a largish pot so I don’t think I should fold. Raising looks quite strong, but I think in reality it merely folds out worse hands and gets action from better ones. I elect to flat call and hope for a Q or a club.

Luckily for me the river comes the 5c, making me the nut flush. As the board is paired, I don’t have the nuts but my hand is very strong and figures to be best (I don’t expect him to have a full house as I think this particular villain would check the turn generally, it’s always possible of course). RP goes into the tank for even longer than he did on the turn, a ploy used almost exclusively to dissuade me from betting. He pretty obviously hates the river card, wants to pretend that he’s strong/considering a move, so I’ll check the river and he can get a free showdown for his straight or trips. This would be a great spot to bluff…except I have the best hand so I can’t! The pot has well over $300 in it, so I decide to value bete $100, and he sighs, shows KQ, and folds. Maybe I should have bet $50, as he may well have called. Live, even if it’s 1/3 the pot, $100 is ALWAYS a big bet.

At any rate, my three hour session passes by largely uneventfully. I lose a decent size pot where I whiff a 15 outer, and then win a decent one when I turn a straight with Q10s. It gets to 2:30 (my predetermined quitting time) and since the table isn’t especially juicy I rack up.

Hours: 3
Results: +$25.

Sorry…I can’t hit the Bad Beat Jackpot and start a tipping controversy every session! I’ll try to play some more interesting hands in today’s session so that tonight’s/tomorrow morning’s blog is a little more interesting. Or, hell, I’ll just hit the BBJ again!