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Posted: August 28th, 2014, by ray zee

the thunderbirds are putting on an airshow this weekend at the airport.

every bunch of years they come here and its a big thing for the community.

today they are practicing right over my house. flying by at supersonic speeds and just above by a few hundred feet my treeline.

kind of scary watching them as they appear long before you hear them and suddenly you hear the loadness as they are on top of you.

anyway i got ringside seats for free.

Posted: August 25th, 2014, by ray zee

So the two fish that Todd brought up from Vegas turned out to be pretty good guys. Mind you they are not pretty though. I have to admit both play mixed games very well. Even a little better than Todd brunson does.

Alan and Jason are likely to be in Montana another month or until their money goes to me. So far they are doing okay against me but I am setting them up for the kill. :)

Let’s see how they do in Todd’s tournament.

Posted: August 24th, 2014, by ray zee

this past week we got blasted with rain every day. it was really good for all the trees and animals. july was very dry after a wet june. now it seems it will be cool for awhile which is the kind of temps i like to be in.

the june rains helped the huckleberry crop and the pickings have been good. some say the best they can remember. today went out in the mountains and did quite well finding the easy to pick berries. which are related to blueberries but much tarter and flavorful. that is why the sell for 40 bucks a gallon ziplock bag full.

also found enough elderberry bushes to ensure plenty of my favorite jam for the year.

Posted: August 23rd, 2014, by ray zee

well he came back up to montana again. Todd Brunson of course. he comes up every summer to get away from vegas for a few months. so does his dad some years.

todd likes to drink so we usually get a good nights drinking at least one time on his trip. i do beer or scotch and he downs a fair share of vodka. only played cards with him once so far as he is getting stuff done at his house and probably speeding around on flathead lake in his boat.

todd also catches me up to speed on some of the gossip i miss out on.

he also has a tournament in bigfork and some come from all around the country to play there. sounds good.

he also has brought up two fish from vegas for me to take off in the poker games. more on them later on.    bye, bye

Posted: August 9th, 2014, by ray zee

i had a tough time last night in the tournament i played.

each time i had a good spot it got wiped out or someone made some move which prevented my gaining. or after a bunch of rounds the blinds were getting close to me having to make some moves.

well i had the big blind and 5 people came in the pot limping. at this game they also limp sometimes with good hands when they shouldnt. except for the first player in i was reasonably sure no one was likely to call my all in if i made that play.

the play seemed like a no brainer and it back fired as the first guy called it and all other went out. he had aces and sent me packing for the night.

still it was the right play as i needed to get chips and this spot looked like an easy place to get some.

Posted: August 8th, 2014, by ray zee

i have always been a fan of owning motorcycles. i havent been without one for over 50 years.

riding and having the wind in your face and feeling the road is another thing. it doesnt get better when going somewhere. of course when its raining or icy then they suck big time.

i just bought another one. but this one is a little 100 for just jumping around on. it also will be used as a shuttle for floating rivers so two cars are not needed on each trip. i have a bumper rack for it and it goes along just fine. drop it off at the first point and drive back to get the truck when done with the float.

sure bikes are dangerous. but those that say that do far more things that can get them as well.

just my thoughts on this.

Posted: August 4th, 2014, by ray zee

this is the time of the year for the county fairs all across the united states and many other countries. i try to go to at least one every year. although some are really hokie most will have alot of fun things going on.

there are always lots of farm animals smelly up the fairgrounds and making lots of noises. its fun to watch the judging to see which is best. i still dont know what that means though.

the food is better than in the past which consisted of mostly corn dogs and french fries. now you can get some nice exotic type foods from professional vendors.

of course for the kids there are the rides and junk food.

talent shows abound and top name people are in the  feature shows.

all i all county fairs are fun.

Posted: August 3rd, 2014, by ray zee

some players improve really fast. an example is scott, a player that plays in a weekly tournament i play in frequently. scott is a builder of high end homes and very good at that. last year when i met him he played poker with a passion but only okay. since that time his improvement is amazing. he now makes the right bets and calls and doesnt give away money on bad plays during the tournament. which was his big leak in the past.

that is the key to doing well. all players can improve to good playing and make money in poker if they put their mind to it. only a few are willing to do the work. which means thinking about the game and implementing what you thought about and decided is right.

Posted: July 26th, 2014, by ray zee

oregon is in the process of passing a bill to outlaw all smoking on the beaches.

they have already banned it in all state parks. claiming  the smells and butts that are left everywhere has to stop.

it will be interesting to see how the big companies that push tobacco will try to overturn  it. oregon is a state that can get this through. there will be lots of controversy from the smokers and people who believe in unlimited rights.

Posted: July 25th, 2014, by ray zee

been running a little dry on the last few tournaments i played. i seem to go out quickly or soon after getting to the last table.

i do play to get out soon by trying to get a hold of some chips. other wise its only an all in or nothing move as the blinds go up. then you arent playing poker but just trying to get better cards than your opponents.

you need to last but need to last with chips so you can at least make a good play and have chips to win without a showdown.