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Posted: July 26th, 2014, by ray zee

oregon is in the process of passing a bill to outlaw all smoking on the beaches.

they have already banned it in all state parks. claiming  the smells and butts that are left everywhere has to stop.

it will be interesting to see how the big companies that push tobacco will try to overturn  it. oregon is a state that can get this through. there will be lots of controversy from the smokers and people who believe in unlimited rights.

Posted: July 25th, 2014, by ray zee

been running a little dry on the last few tournaments i played. i seem to go out quickly or soon after getting to the last table.

i do play to get out soon by trying to get a hold of some chips. other wise its only an all in or nothing move as the blinds go up. then you arent playing poker but just trying to get better cards than your opponents.

you need to last but need to last with chips so you can at least make a good play and have chips to win without a showdown.



Posted: July 22nd, 2014, by ray zee

it doesnt look like the israel hamas conflict will ever end. i dont see how it can when both sides are never going to give in at all until one is destroyed.

so with israel being by far the strongest, it makes sense to me that they will prevail at some point if they dont keep having cease fires and starting all over again in two years after their enemy is stronger with better rockets.

waiting it out is only going to make hamas get regrouped and ready for the next time. they will never quit as they have vowed to drive the jews out.

the only chance is if the Palestinian people throw out hamas and send them packing. and that isnt likely unless they cause themselves so much disaster the people cant take it anymore.

Posted: July 12th, 2014, by ray zee

they have been forcing me inside to play poker. you see a heat wave of 90 degrees is hanging around and that is way too hot for me. i am a 70 degree guy and dont like it hot.

but the games have been full as summer is the best around here in montana for poker, or when it rains.

the guys that have hay fields arent coming in though as they are out all day and night getting the crop in before a rain hits it.

the golfers come in late as the tournaments are in full swing. so just have to play with the more regular players.

Posted: July 11th, 2014, by ray zee

tough day yesterday at poker. playing 40 dollar limit. lucky for me it wasnt a bigger game, got cracked by a case king to beat me, and then ran into aces against my pocket kings, and then runner runner.

so i was stuck pretty good. but since i dont steam i just sat there and ground my way back to close to even. some days you are doomed to lose, but making it a smaller loss over steaming and making it a giant one is the key to having money in the long run.

Posted: July 7th, 2014, by ray zee

right now many or most poker players are wondering or thinking about who may win the wsop. well really who cares. someone of this group of thousands will get more than his or her share of cards for the event,

and they will also get lucky and not get cold decked and have a giant hand beaten and also win most or all of their coin flips for big pots.

this person will be celebrated and talked about for a year or two and then forgotten unless they come right back and win a few more events.

then it starts all over again next year.

my advice to the winner– play small stakes until you can prove you actually can beat a poker game.

Posted: July 6th, 2014, by ray zee

watched the fireworks from my rooftop. around here fireworks are legal to buy and sell and shoot off outside city limits.  hundreds or even more people set off displays all around the valley. from dark til midnight or so it is a constant barrage of bangs and lights.

fireworks are the true essence of lighting your money on fire. or watching your money go up in smoke.  it is amazing how poor people or middle income people who worry over the price of gas or have trouble with their rent, find hundreds of dollars each fourth to set them off, especially since their neighbors are doing it as well.

there are a couple of high rollers who spend in excess of ten thousand dollars each fourth on their displays. they can afford it so be it.

for me, i am content to see it all from my rooftop.

Posted: June 30th, 2014, by ray zee

summer finally is here in a few days. warm weather and the streams will start to come down. ive got lots of little fawns laying in the high grass while the doe deer hang nearby to keep tabs on them.

bald eagles are through nesting, and most of the little birds are in their bird houses i have put out and homemade nests that some birds make.

lots of swallows buzz around all day near the boxes and also eat their weight in mosquitoes every day. wildlife is good.

a red fox runs around and occasional glimpse of him is all i get. but he eats lots of mice.

havent seen baby turkeys around yet, but all of a sudden batches of them will appear with their moms running around eating the seeds on the high grasses.

Posted: June 22nd, 2014, by ray zee

summer hay fever season for me. i get a shot every year and it helps immensely to stop the sneezing and runny nose. this year i waited and the last two days were bad. so monday morning off i go and get my shot.

nothing seems worse than bad hay fever.

but soon outside is fine and summer is here so everyone should do the outside things they can.

Posted: June 13th, 2014, by ray zee

this time i got first out in the tournament. yea thats right and against the two worst players around.

thats the way i like to go. if i can i take early risks to get chips so that in later pots i can actually play and survive if i need to.

first guy could have anything and i hit top pair with two jacks on board. dangerous but this is the time to put some money in against a caller who could have totally anything. so i lost about half my chips. the next half went to the next worse player

he tagged along when i thought he had nothing by his demeanor. i was right as he had some smallish pair. i got most of the rest in when the board showed three hearts then the fourth heart came and it wasnt worth trying to save the last bit as my hand wasnt much better than his and i could possibly run out something better. he called with a small heart and i went home.